CBE Women conducts a variety of events year-round. Check this page to stay up-to-date!



CBE Women regularly hosts a variety of events: 

A lunch with a Cornell female faculty member for an informal conversation in a small group about career-path and building resilience.


Eat with Academic with Prof. Silvia Ferrari 

An opportunity for a conversation with the female seminar speakers over a Taverna Banfi breakfast right before the Monday morning seminar.

Breakfast with Prof. Lauren Bakaletz 

Usually an hour long workshop aimed at cultivating skills useful for graduate students in their future professional lives.

We invite an experienced professionals (often Cornell alumni) from academia/industry to talk about their journey

Prof. Alex Woltornist, Prof. Kathleen Vaeth, Dr. Jordan Atlas (Microsoft); 
Prof. Frank Lomax, Ken Rother (Enterpreneur), Dr.Andrea Ippolito

Building resilience within the community with some quality socializing

Apple Picking 2019!


Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Career Seminar

Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship

About the Event

The key to success is to start before you are ready”- Marie Forleo 

Have you ever wondered how to become a leader or entrepreneur? Would you like to get some tips for stepping into a leadership role or starting a company? Would you like to hear the steps to becoming a leader and entrepreneur? 

Dr. Susan S. Fleming will be answering those and more questions you may have during the 

Career Seminar Series:

 Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. 

See you there!

CBE Women Virtual Negotiation Workshop

CBE Women hosted a virtual Negotiation Workshop facilitated by Sally Klingel from the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations on Friday the 21st. The workshop investigated methodologies for approaching negotiations both in ones personal and professional life. It also highlighted key areas one might want to negotiate for whether starting a new job or renegotiating a current position. You can download a copy of the Negotiation Presentation.

Thank you to everyone that attended!

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