Before coming to Cornell, I had very limited research experiences before. Therefore participating in the Tester Group –Horne Group joint program is such a great opportunity for me to fulfill my research experiences and explore possibilities for my future career in industry. During my time in Stanford, I got a chance to visit Stanford Geothermal Program, participated in 43rdStanford Geothermal Workshop, gave a presentation and a publication on my MS project. With this travel grant, I was ableto afford my flights and part of my lodging.As an international MS student, I am not eligible for applications of many findings and travel grants. It’s hard for me to express how grateful I am for this award. With this travel grant, I was able to go the very first conference and have the first publication in my life, which is so meaningful to me. Now I’m graduating in May and will start my career as a chemical engineer in this summer.

-Xiang (Gloria) Gu. Tester Group