December 13th, 2-3 pm


1. Learn the processes involved in drug discovery and development.

2. Where in the research and development process might I work?

3. Learn the phases involved in FDA drug approval. How might those work environments differ?

4. Big company vs. small company approaches, and how those work environments differ


The speaker’s biography

Dave Pritchard has over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager in the biopharmaceutical industry working at the intersection of science, medicine, and business, with a focus on general management, business development and financial management. He has worked for public and private venture backed biotech companies (Series B-E), was a private and public company CFO, and led an IPO as a CEO. He served as KaloBios’ CEO for over 8 years from 2006 to early 2015. KaloBios was a first in class monoclonal antibody company with three drugs in phase 2 for asthma, serious infections, and cancer, and became a public company in 2013. Prior to KaloBios, he held the position of chief business officer at Rinat Neuroscience Corporation, where he managed the negotiations on the acquisition of the Rinat by Pfizer in 2006 for $500 million. Rinat developed antibodies that become Ajovy (fremanezumab) for migraine prevention, and tanezumab for arthritis pain. Prior to that he was chief financial officer at Matrix Pharmaceuticals and managed the sale of the company to Chiron Corporation in 2002 (now Novartis). He started his biotechnology career at Triton Biosciences, Inc. as one of the founding managers, and helped manage the sale of Triton (predominately to Schering AG, now Bayer). Triton developed Betaseron® for multiple sclerosis (2005-15 sales exceeded $1 billion/year), and Fludara® for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. David holds an MBA degree from Stanford University, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell. Mr. Pritchard has also served on the nonprofits biotechnology Boards of BayBio, ABFO in northern California, and the Biotech Business Development Roundtable of Northern California. He retired in 2015 and serves on nonprofit boards and travels internationally.